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For St Albans

Anne Main MP
House of Commons
London, SW1A 0AA

Dear [Anne Main],

I live in [St Albans] and am writing to you because I support Save St Albans Pubs in seeking fair and equitable taxation on our pubs, which we believe are fundamental community assets for our city.

Thank you for your recent visit to St Albans and for agreeing to champion St Albans Pubs and businesses in Parliament for urgent business rate reform.

I understand that you have shared with the Chancellor the concerns we all share, that since the business reform, St Albans has lost more than 10% of our pubs and this will continue without urgent reform on business rates.

We need the government to act now to implement the following initiatives:

  • Budget tax cuts that apply across the board to all pubs for the first £51,000 in ratable values.
  • The removal of ‘fair maintainable trade’ and the development of a new business rates formula for pubs, in consultation with publicans, that does not penalise the more successful pubs located in high property value areas.
  • Review the business rates formula in consultation with pubs and ensure that there is full transparency.

Please keep the pressure on the Chancellor.

We support Save St Albans Pubs latest campaign initiative #thechancellorschase.

Let’s all work together to help to get the Chancellor to St Albans to pour a pint and to hear first-hand how business rate hikes have hurt our landlords and small businesses in St Albans.

Let’s get urgent business rate reform implemented to #saveourpubs.

Kind Regards


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