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Save St Albans Pubs is a not for profit community group, made up of local St Albans residents, landlords and independent business owners.

We think our pubs are an essential part of a vibrant community life, they employ locally, pay wages locally, buy locally, give locally and their positive contribution to our society should be recognized by Parliament.

Anne Main recently came to St Albans and told us that what she saw was very depressing. This led Anne to write to the Chancellor and ask him to come meet with some of our hardest hit landlords.

There has been no response from the Chancellor to date.

We plan on making some noise and getting his attention, through blanketing mainstream and social media with video and print invitations to come have a pint in St Albans and to listen to our request for commonsense business rate reform.

We know that Save St Albans Pubs supporters already spend their hard-earned cash at St Albans Pubs and that is the most important way to help the campaign. We are putting our own cash and resources into this campaign, however we need a bit more help in order to be able make a big splash amid the Brexit noise.

Our campaign to get the Chancellor to St Albans is called #thechancellorschaser and we would love for you to join us in catching him.

Please make a donation today via the paypal link. Whether it’s £1 or £100, it all adds up. Don’t forget to let us know if you want your name up on our Supporters club pint wall and a supporters club badge and we will arrange to get one delivered to your favourite local.

Together we can be a catalyst for business rate reform, it’ll be good for our pubs, good for our community and good for the rest of Britain.

Together, we will have a voice in Parliament and #saveourpubs!

PS: Stay tuned for upcoming Supporter Club events including the Save St Albans Pubs Chancellors Chaser Pub Crawl which will be held in the New Year.


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