Save UK Pubs


Save UK Pubs is a grass roots, not for profit advocacy group campaigning nationally on behalf of our small independent landlords to urge the government for:

• An amendment to the budget so that the proposed rate relief for small businesses with RVs of £51,000 or less will apply to all pubs for the first £51,000 in RV whatever their RV.

• A freeze in the next budget on current business rate levels (payable 2018/2019) such that there is no further increases to rates until the next review in 2022.

• A review of the business rate tax formula, in consultation with Save UK Pubs and other landlords, including pub companies, nationally in order to develop a transparent, workable business rate formula that does not penalise the pubs which operate more efficiently and permits a reasonable profit margin

• A fair/transparent pub RV system where valuations and appeals are streamlined and timely.

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Save UK Pubs was established by the Save St Albans Pubs community group, following a meeting with Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer to the Treasury and MP Anne Main, at Westminster earlier this year (2019). Our campaign has the backing of CAMRA and we continue to garner support around the country from independent landlords, brewers and other local, regional and national independent support groups to raise the plight to ensure our smaller independent landlords voices are heard to #saveourpubs

How you can help

If you would like to send us more info for a case study, please send an email to